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Extensive Knowledge of Investment Management, Brokerage & Banking 

ExpertSmith provides securites and banking attorneys, among other clients, with case consultation and expert witness testimony related to investment management, brokerge transactions and banking activities. Our firm always ensures an unbiased view to each claim we encounter. Included with our services is the promise of a professional review of your case based upon 40 years of industry experience.

Expert Testimony in Court

Securities and Banking Expertise

Request our services when a client is contemplating filing an arbitration claim or after an arbitration claim or suit has been filed. Using our expertise, we act as expert witness for plaintiffs or defendants involved in the following claims:

•Unsuitable Trading
•Breach of Fiduciary Duties
•Failure to Supervise
•Omission of Facts

Expertise in the Following Securities

This encompasses Michael Smith's 40 years of experience in sales and regional / branch management, as well as a national leadership and management team member, while supervising more than 50 registered representatives. We offer substantive experience and consequently expertise in the following:

• Options
• Futures
• Commodities 
• Common Stock
• Preferred Stock
• Municipal Bonds
• Corporate Bonds

• Hedge Funds
• Margin & Lending
• Derivative Securities
• Limited Partnerships
• Mutual Funds & ETF's
• Discretionary Mannaged Assets